Sabine Marcelis at Etage Projects

Copenhagen’s Etage Projects is one of the newer galleries on the scene, but it’s fast becoming one of our picks for the best. In the past two years, exhibition subjects have included SU favorites like Fredrik Paulsen, Jo Nagasaka, and Eva Berendes; the show currently on view includes Dutch designers Luuk van den Broek (who we’re working on a much larger story on!) and Sabine Marcelis, who with Brit Van Nerven is responsible for one of our favorite pieces of design from the past year. Marcelis’s newest project, called Voie Lights, is the first in a series of two investigations into the manipulation of light paths. Here, Marcelis uses cast polyester resin shapes to diffuse neon light and to enhance the resin’s own color properties, creating a pretty glowing effect.

And if you’re in New York, look for Marcelis and Etage Projects at the Collective Design fair, starting next Wednesday, May 13. We’ll be there as well!
SABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_group_leeweiswee_photographySABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_2_leeweiswee_photographySABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_3_leeweiswee_photography SABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_1_leeweiswee_photography SABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_5_leeweiswee_photography SABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_4_leeweiswee_photography SABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_6_leeweiswee_photography SABINE_MARCELIS_voie_lights_POSTER_leeweiswee_photography