English Artist Henry Jackson Newcomb

While many of his peers are busy creating digital landscapes of shapes and planes that mimic three dimensions, the young Norwich, England–based artist Henry Jackson Newcomb makes sculptural assemblages that — owing in part to the aforementioned trend — often look inspired by digital ones. Yet by incorporating elements like chunks of concrete, panels painted with unfinished-looking brushstrokes, and haphazardly taped rings of rubber tubing, Newcomb introduces an imperfect rawness that keeps his work squarely rooted in the physical world. He also makes drawings, some of which are featured below, though his next big project is sculpture-based. “I recently came back from a two-month stay in Morocco, and the chaotic rhythm of the country has left its mark on my studio practice,” he says. “In Moroccan cities, everyone extends and develops their own properties, creating a very rough and crude aesthetic that I plan to explore through new large sculptural works in metal and plaster.” View the rest of Newcomb’s portfolio here.

Layer #2, 2014 76_loversshe-turns-installation2 9. Layer #3, 2013, Installation, 120x90x20cm 7. When Attitudes Become Form #5, 2014, Print Venice Rehearsal #4, 2014 She #2, 2014 10. Layer #1, 2013, Sculpture 76_dsc41462 1. Joy Movement #1, 2015, Drawing 2. Woman, 2015, Charcoal Drawing 3. Maddermarket #1, 2015, Drawing 12. Derrière, 2015, Drawing