Stas Volovik, Painter

We found the beautiful geometric paintings of Stas Volovik on the Instagram of our friends at Darkroom in London, and it’s easy to see why we both share a natural affinity for them. Born in Uzbekistan and now living in Berlin, Volovik didn’t pursue any formal artistic training but rather taught himself the principles of abstraction. “Over the last few years my work has begun to be predominantly geometric,” Volovik explains, “but sometimes I combine geometric forms with expressionistic, textural daubs and I build a composition over a carelessly painted base. I consider myself a formalist, meaning that the value of art for me depends entirely on composition, texture, and form.” We’ve included some of our favorites below, but click here for a peek at Volovik’s growing portfolio. 08 04  0612 01 10 11 07 09