Block Print Series by Naomi Clark for Fort Makers

Though the Brooklyn-based collective known as Fort Makers is comprised of many different members, its aesthetic is often driven by the work of two artists at its core: Noah Spencer, whose precise woodworking has yielded everything from hand-carved mobiles to geometric line lights, and Naomi Clark, whose wildly colorful brushstrokes adorn everything from teepees to napkins to gorgeously upholstered loveseats. Clark’s latest outing is a series of block prints, which will be available beginning this Saturday at the LA shop the MiA Project. The prints employ repeating triangle and half-moon motifs, geometric shapes often found in the group’s work in wood, representing a natural synthesis of the collective’s output to date. Though the prints are only available in LA for now, Fort Makers has plans to debut four more series in the coming months on its own website. Stay tuned!