A Sexier Zip Tie

An Ingenious New Take on the Zip Tie


Today on Sight Unseen, we featured up-and-coming Australian furniture designer Dale Hardiman — a stellar designer in his own right but one who’s also developing a reputation as a keen editor and curator of other designer’s work as co-founder of the furniture, lighting and objects label Dowel Jones. Hardiman asked us to debut the latest Dowel Jones product on SU today, and considering our obsession with its inspiration, we couldn’t be happier about that. A chic take on the ubiquitous zip tie, Hooked Up is a leather strap, available in three different sizes, that can be used to bind — well, just about anything. Of the images shown here, Hardiman explains: “We could have quite easily demonstrated the product in its most literal way — as a bag tag, key chain, cable tie, etc. We decided the product was quite versatile in its use, so we decided to show the product in possibly unconventional ways, hopefully allowing the end user to explore it creatively. It could be used as a hair tie, linked together to form chains, create straps for shopping bags, used to roll up fabric — we looked at what zip ties were used for and couldn’t come up with any absolutes!” Designed by Isaac Francis, the straps will be for sale on the Dowel Jones website but will initially launch here.

DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-5 DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-1 DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-6 DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-2 DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-4 DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-3 DowelJones_HookedUp_LR-7