#weseefaces In These Clever Photos of Everyday Objects

When the Swiss-born, Paris-based product designer Miriam Josi started to feel restless with the pressure to constantly create new objects, she began looking to still life photography as a way of making something new out of old ones. A fateful introduction to photographer Corinne Stoll, a fellow Swiss-born Parisian, provided the perfect opportunity — the pair met, fell in love with each other’s work, and decided to collaborate on “Common Faces,” the soon-to-be-ongoing photo series pictured below. “This project marries Corinne’s natural photography style with Miriam’s affection for reclaimed materials and playing with color,” the duo told Sight Unseen. “As a product designer, Miriam was attracted by the idea of temporarily giving old objects a new life, while the project draws on the reality and lightness of Corinne’s photography, no matter how constructed the image.” To assemble the playful totemic compositions featured in the images, the pair scavenged everyday objects both from their own homes as well as from a neighbor’s basement. “We were looking for objects that either showed that they had lived, or that had a certain curiosity about them.”