Another Basel Favorite: Candy-Pink “Tectonic Structures”

Speaking of Design Miami/Basel, here’s another one of our favorite projects presented there this week — in this case after debuting at the Brussels gallery Maniera last month, when co-founders Amaryllis Jacobs and Kwinten Lavigne handed their space over to the local firm Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu (aka aDVVT). The architects went through a highly conceptual process that involved making drawings of “tectonic structures” in which “the shortest vertical wooden plate would carry the longest horizontal one,” then using the inspiration of a real-life Parisian conductor’s apartment to realize their ideas as 3-D objects, colored to match an old carpet on the floor of the conductor’s study. But the results hardly require an explanation: A suite of layered particleboard furniture in the most epic shade of candy pink. Almost makes us wish we were braving the rain and the Swiss prices to be there in person. Almost.018 Maniera - advvt-studio mumbai 013a Maniera - advvt-studio mumbai 013b Maniera - advvt-studio mumbai 017 Maniera - advvt-studio mumbai 015 Maniera - advvt-studio mumbai 014 Maniera - advvt-studio mumbai