Georgian furniture designer Rooms Wild Minimalism collection

Finally, You Can Shop This Weirdly Awesome, Primitive Chic Collection Stateside

Each year, we attend the Milan Furniture Fair, walking miles to hunt down the best furniture debuting in any given year. But most of the time, we end up never seeing some of our favorite pieces again, made as they are by European designers with little to no representation in the United States. Case in point: the amazing, primitive-chic furniture designed by Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, the Georgian-based duo behind Rooms. We’ve been following Rooms since way back in 2009, when Monica wrote about them for I.D. We were drawn to them in part because of their heritage — who’d ever heard of a designer from Tbilisi? — but quickly fell in love with their work as well. This week, that work finally debuted Stateside: Their Wild Minimalism collection, which the two showed earlier this year at Rossana Orlandi, is on view and for sale at The Future Perfect in New York. The pieces in the show have a raw-meets-geometric look, mixing wood, brass, mirrors, and stone, and many were inspired by a surrealist Georgian filmmaker (hence the chair with horns). If you’re in New York, we highly recommend checking it out in person, otherwise enjoy the pictures below and bide your time waiting for the next cool import to arrive.

magic stone coffee table 003 magic stone coffe table 001 ROOMS-ModularCoffee-1 invisible armchair 001 invisible sculpture side table 002 ROOMS-ModularCoffee-2 taurus chair 004 round staircase table 002 invisible sculpture side table 004