Sight Unseen x Bower for 29Rooms

We Outfitted Fashion Week’s Coolest Pop-Up With This Painted-Plywood Furniture

If you’ve ever been to Refinery29’s 29Rooms event, you know that it’s basically a funhouse of art and culture, where each room presents its own mega-Instagrammable moment. (Missed it? There’s a 3D tour for that.) But what if you need a teeny tiny break from all that selfie-ing? That’s where we came in. When Refinery asked us to curate the 29Rooms lounge area, we turned immediately to Bower, who came back at us just a few hours later with a sketch for this amazing collection: Plywood benches, tables, and seats made from the curved scraps and cutoffs of their Contour collection, all painted in the happiest, on-trend color palette. Then, just to show off, they went ahead and photographed them (amazingly) so we could share them here with you. (For a closer look at Bower’s work, check out our studio visit with them today!)

bench 1 chair 1 side table 3 coffee table chair 2 group photo