Week of January 23, 2017

A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: new good things like a pastel-colored jewelry store and an insanely affordable geometric rug, plus a few old good things like a marbled chair, a terrazzo table, and the glass-legged beauty pictured above.


1312-dead-vase__0275Helsinki product designer Monica Romagnoli has designed a series of vases meant to highlight the beauty of dead flowers, and her photos of the series are equally lovely. Called, of course, Vase for Dead Flowers, the project’s inspiration was autumn in Finland: “The cold comes and with it the flower and leaves start to wither and fall… The entire landscape bursts into an intriguing color palette. Vaso Per Fiori Morti is an homage to the beauty of nature while it perishes.”AmandaKarsberg_MarbleChairsWe’re working on a bigger story full of new work by the Stockholm designer Amanda Karsberg, but meanwhile, we wanted to share an old project of hers that we discovered in our preparatory research: marbled plywood chairs she created in 2015. That pink.
nuun-jewellery-shop-java-architectes-interiors-retail-paris-france_dezeen_heroMore pink — the interior of the new jewelry store Nuun in Paris, designed by Java Architecture and Atelier Brunoir.
duplex-shawn-yang-design-lighting-lamps_dezeen_2364_col_7We’re usually opposed to designs that solve problems that don’t exist, like a lamp that can be switched between a ceiling pendant and table fixture, even though no one anywhere would ever do that. But the Duplex by Taiwanese designer Shawn Yang has a saving grace in that the table lamp version, above, is pretty great.
Glasslab_candle_holder_JobBergYou might recall Job Van Den Berg‘s name from our Dutch Design Week coverage this fall, where we shared his table with fat, crinkly silver legs. Crazy that we failed to also notice his Glasslab project, in which he used glass tubes in ways both likely (these candleholders) and unlikely (the legs of the table at the top of this post, the pegs of a coat rack). More evidence for our transparency trend prediction.
kristoffersundinOne more not-so-new Scandinavian discovery this week: The hand-painted Solid stool by Kristoffer Sundin, made in collaboration with Museum Studio, which comes in four shapes and colors.
JacobEgeberg_1This week Danish designer Jacob Egeberg, whose terrazzo tables we featured a few months ago, sent us his new series of Frankenstein-ish wooden objects that have questionable functionality but the most wonderful combinations of colors and shapes. Maybe the one on the right could be for holding your coffee mug while you get dressed in the morning?
mote-soapWe also received a submission from the Seoul studio Mote, who make trendy marbled candles and soaps in a few different colors. Maybe we should introduce them to Wary Meyers.
JamesThompson_ReconstructedSpaceIs it weird that this table reminds us of nail art? It’s part of the Re-Constructed Space series by Brit James Thompson, and its terrazzo-like surface is made from jesmonite and fiberglass. Again, not new, but we used up all the newness this week in our Cologne and Maison roundup!
geometric-bands-rugThis rug is new, though — it’s part of the latest collection from our secret source for rugs, Land of Nod, and the 5×8 is only $229. You’re welcome.

Benefit Auctions

Nomoredeaths_pozantiThere’s really nothing on the planet that could make us feel better about what happened in American politics this week. That said, we all have to keep trying to make change, whether it’s calling our senators every day, or protesting the detention of refugees at JFK, or bidding on one of the benefit auctions currently being hosted on Paddle 8. The painting above, by Hayal Pozanti, is part of No More Deaths, an auction to help support migrants in Arizona; there’s also a benefit for Waterkeeper Alliance with works by Jonas Wood and Sarah Morris, and By Their Fruits, which benefits Planned Parenthood. We’ll have a benefit of our own coming up in March, for Design For Progress. Stay tuned for more on that.


Itsnicethat_JustineRivas2This week, It’s Nice That introduced us to the paintings of Brooklyn-based artist Justine Rivas. Thank you, It’s Nice That — she’s going into our Artsy queue immediately.
Wrappu-gift-boxes-1Going onto our Pinterest immediately is this new line of patterned gift boxes out of Munich, Wrappu, which Design Milk featured this week. We’re sure someone in the States is going to carry them soon, but in the meantime, they do ship flat, so don’t let the international postage deter you.