This Collection Is Turning Design’s Biggest Trends Into Stuff You Can Actually Afford

We pride ourselves here on generally being able to spot or define trends as they’re taking shape, but it’s sometimes just as interesting to track what happens to those trends when they begin to be picked up by the masses. That’s why retailers like West Elm, with their enormous audience and influence, have always been so fascinating to us: They’re the point at which trends swing from an insider-y secret to something anyone across the country might adopt into their living rooms. West Elm’s latest collection, spearheaded by the brand’s new, Finnish-born creative director Johanna Uurasjarvi, might be our favorite example of this yet. The collection includes many typically mid-century–influenced pieces, but it also includes wall art fabricated from lava rock, mirrors influenced by Art Deco, coffee tables that owe a tribute to Massimo Vignelli, and lots and lots of organic shapes. We particularly love the Greta dresser (above) with its stepped form, lacquered and matte woods, and rounded metal pulls with a blush finish. The collection is available in stores this month; we’ve pulled our favorites here for you to peruse.

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