Sunset-Inspired Color Fades Meet Slabs of Marble In This Stunning Paris Exhibition

If you haven’t seen the so-called “wallpaper one-offs” of Pieter Vermeersch, we’d highly encourage you to take a moment to click this link. In addition to creating canvases like the ones below — which are currently on view at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris — the Belgian painter has been known to fill rooms with soft, colorful gradients that define architectural space in beautifully strange ways, bordering on optical illusion. Both bodies of work dovetail with Vermeersch’s professional origins in photography in the way they deal with light and perspective, and some of the canvases are even based on actual photos he’s taken of the sky or past paintings. But at Perrotin, he’s physically grounded all that ethereal color with panels of heavy marble, reminding us a bit of one of our other favorite artists, Sam Moyer, and giving us all the more reason to wish we were headed to Paris anytime soon.GEP_Vermeersch1 GEP_Vermeersch2 GEP_Vermeersch8 GEP_Vermeersch5 GEP_Vermeersch6 GEP_Vermeersch7 GEP_Vermeersch4