Nine New Mirrors We Love, On View at a Swiss Gallery

For the Lausanne gallery MOBILAB — which also does triple duty as part laboratory, part shop —the latest theme of works is “Face / Surface,” which entails a wild exploration of mirrors by nine designers, craftsmen, and artists. The varying concepts of reflection range from hanging balloon-like chandeliers by glassmaker and artist Matteo Gonet to quasi-circular, blue-hued shapes inspired by lunar cycles from Swiss designer Adrien Rovero. All types of texture and shape are on display, too, with works like “New Waves” by Raphaël Lutz — whose polished mirrored stainless steel offers the illusion of looking into a hanging puddle — and Daniela Droz’s “Structure 01,” where the same material is constructed into the sharpest hanging structure.

The entire selection of projects includes works by Daniela Droz, Mattéo Gonet, Adrien Rovero, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, Atelier Peekaboo, Raphaël Lutz, Bertille Laguet, Jean-Baptiste Colleuille and JeanPhilippe Bonzon. Shape or sphere, constructed or deconstructed, check out the rest of the mirrors here, both on the wall and off.

mobilab-gallery-face-surface-reflets-jpbd mobilab-gallery-face-surface-1 mobilab-gallery-face-surface-nero-tonatiuh-ambrosetti mobilab-gallery-face-surface-8 mobilab-gallery-face-surface-new-wawes-raphael-lutz mobilab-gallery-face-surface-parallax-adrien-rovero mobilab-gallery-face-surface-maiko-jb-colleuille-2 mobilab-gallery-face-surface-look at me-matteo-gonet mobilab-gallery-face-surface-2 mobilab-gallery-face-surface-7 mobilab-gallery-face-surface-structure-daniela-droz-2 mobilab-gallery-face-surface-6