We’re Totally On Board With This Brand’s Moody, Nordic Minimalism

Here’s what we know about the Danish furniture and housewares company AYTM: Founded in 2015, the company is owned by Danish design couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen, who ran a company producing white label objects for companies like Bolia for a decade before they decided to start their own brand. Their first collection — which is carried at places like Coming Soon, The Line, and Consort — focused on things like mirrored storage boxes, dusty-hued semicircular trays, and rose-tinted poufs. Their sense of color is singularly awesome. And — most excitingly! — they’ve finally branched out into furniture, with arched, ’70s-inspired, bent-tube benches and seats, swirling metal magazine holders, and shelving systems made from blackened ash. The collection, they say, is meant to be Nordic, but with a dark and moody twist. Color us intrigued.AYTM_02_017 AYTM_16_060 AYTM_11_014 AYTM_05_049 AYTM_17_150 AYTM_23_403 AYTM_23_405 AYTM_12_002 AYTM_03_051 AYTM_04_001 AYTM_21_178 AYTM_05_087 AYTM_36_505 AYTM_36_466 AYTM_29_044 AYTM_14_022 kopier

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