8 Amazing Finds From the Parisian Design Dealers Known as Kolkhoze

Lately we’ve started to wonder if the alternative design gallery model is on the rise — back in the day it was Libby Sellers and her pop-ups, then Paul Johnson closed his space and joined forces with an art gallery, while just this week Juan Garcia Mosqueda announced that he’d be shuttering Chamber’s physical location in New York in favor of a virtual, international, and unconventional program. We also discovered, for the first time this month, the Parisian entity Kolkhoze, whose program we must confess we don’t even entirely understand — founders Thibaut Van den bergh and Thomas Erber seem to be interfacing not just between designers and clients, but between other galleries and clients, as well, offering both existing editions and custom commissions. Whatever it is they’re doing over there, they’re doing it well — we did a deep-dive into their site this week and discovered not only amazing works we’d never seen before, but designers we’d never even heard of. Check out our biggest finds below.

Nathalie Nahon

NathalieNahon_Openerhead scorp originale

Margaux Keller


Frederic Pellenq

Frederic-Pellenq-Gemini-George4-on-Kolkhoze.fr_-1 Frederic-Pellenq-Gemini-Georges-et-Jim3-on-Kolkhoze.fr_-1

Elina Ulvio


Philippine Lemaire


Eric Schmitt