A Young Italian Designer’s New Take On Centuries-Old Venetian Glass

Combining centuries-old Murano glass with a kind of icy, sci-fi geometry, Venetian designer Giorgia Zanellato’s latest collection aims to showcase the magic of the material. “Sospesi” — Italian for “suspended”— is a series of nine glass pieces that play with light and balance, where the milky and richly intense blues reflect and change with the light. Zanellato uses a variety of techniques to create the sheens and textures of the pieces — the filigrana technique results in a look of stripes via little glass tubes, the incamiciato technique uses different layers of different kinds of glass to result in a final unique color, and a special pearl finishing gives the whole collection its ethereal quality. The “Sospesi” collection of vases will be on display at The Gallery Brussels until October 1.


Zanellato_Sospesi_Pistillo Zanellato_Sospesi_Abissi Zanellato_Sospesi_Bolla Zanellato_Sospesi_Perla Zanellato_Sospesi_Sombrero Zanellato_Sospesi_Teso Zanellato_Sospesi_Orbita Zanellato_Sospesi_Coppa Zanellato_Sospesi_Nebbia

Zanellato_Sospesi_Insieme1 Zanellato_Sospesi_Insieme2 Zanellato_Sospesi_Insieme4