A Dutch Duo’s Albers-Inspired Acrylic Boxes

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on a little project about Josef Albers, so the idea that color might function as a material has been front and center in our minds. And perhaps no contemporary studio’s work has pushed color into as defining a role as the Dutch duo Raw Color (whose monochromatic Color Study, one of the first projects ever commissioned on Sight Unseen, is still one of our most referenced stories). Their latest project, a series of acrylic boxes whose multicolored planes intersect and blend into one other, is one of their best to date and pushes color even further into Albers territory. Each of the Hue Boxes is created from only four colors but gives the appearance of containing many more, thanks to the translucency of the acrylic. The boxes were created for the Dutch Invertuals exhibition during Dutch Design Week; we finally got our hands on the full photographic set and are sharing them with you today.
RawColor_HueBoxes_1 RawColor_HueBoxes_2 RawColor_HueBoxes_3 RawColor_HueBoxes_4 RawColor_HueBoxes_5 RawColor_HueBoxes_6 RawColor_HueBoxes_7 RawColor_HueBoxes_8 RawColor_HueBoxes_9 RawColor_HueBoxes_10 RawColor_HueBoxes_11 RawColor_HueBoxes_13 RawColor_HueBoxes_14 RawColor_HueBoxes_15 RawColor_HueBoxes_17 RawColor_HueBoxes_18 RawColor_HueBoxes_21