Albers-Inspired Tableware in Glass and Acrylic, On View in New York

If you happened to have stopped by Canal Street Market during New York Design Week last spring, you might have noticed, tucked in among the chubby armchairs and sleek pendant lights of Matter‘s Rest Stop installation, a series of objects and furniture pieces united in their fascination with materiality: low tables made from planes of marble slotted into translucent acrylic tops, copper mirrors backed by slices of aerated concrete, and curved side tables made from various colors of stone. These objects were the first inkling of a full collection that’s debuting next week at Matter by Objects of Common Interest, a design studio founded by architects Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis, who split their time between New York and their native country, Greece. Their work is described as an exploration of form that stems “from the classic geometries of the ancient world,” but our favorite pieces might be those inspired something a bit more recent: The Relativity of Color tableware collection (above), in which each piece is comprised of two intersecting glass and acrylic elements, was influenced by Josef Albers’ seminal art education handbook, Interaction of Color.

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