Futuristic, Architecturally-Inspired New Furniture by Os & Oos

We’ve caught glimpses of the new work by Dutch duo Os & Oos here and there: Their new Tunnel collection, made from extruded aluminum cylinders that interlock without the use of fasteners, was shown in the castle exhibition we featured earlier this year; the aesthetic behind their Matrix project, an endlessly configurable metal grid, was used in their store interior for the glasses brand Ace & Tate. But today we’re presenting both collections in all their glory. The Tunnel collection is a particular favorite: It’s built around the concept of the sawhorse, but we prefer the pieces that are a bit more abstract: A shelving unit and table made from planes of glass, intersecting with and resting upon metal cylinders, somehow futuristic and ’70s reminiscent all at once.

OS & OOS_Matrix_Bench 4 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Cabinet 8 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Tables 1 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Stool -Bench 6 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Tables 6 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Stool -Bench 12 OS & OOS_Matrix_Light 4 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Cabinet 6 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Tables 2 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Cabinet 4 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Clothing Rack 1 OS & OOS_Matrix_Bench 7 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Stool -Bench 8 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Tables 16 OS & OOS_Tunnel Collection_Trussels 3 OS & OOS_Matrix_Bench 1