These Women Are Teaming Up for a Powerhouse Ceramics Collab

It seems inevitable that some of the women included in Egg Collective’s powerhouse Designing Women exhibition last spring would end up making their working relationship long-term, but we couldn’t be happier about the first pairing: From their Soho showroom, throughout the next year, Egg Collective will be commissioning and selling capsule collections of ceramic work by Natalie Herrera, whose graphic, geometry-inspired pieces feel very much of a kind with Egg Collective’s aesthetic. The first collection, available now, includes four one-of-a-kind vessels by Herrera, in her signature raw-meets-high-gloss aesthetic, including two favorites: The Convex Twist Vase, in which a ribbon of rounded white clay wraps around the conical form, and the Cantilever Tidal Vase, in which a stack of bagel-like forms sits atop a slab-built rectangle.

01_highgloss_natalieherrera 07_HighGloss 11_HighGloss_CantileverDomeVase


03_HIGHGLOSS_CantileverTidalVase 02_HighGlossxEggCollective 05_HighGlossxEggCollective