A Collection of Glass Objects, Inspired By Water In All Its Forms

Two years ago, the Turkish glass manufacturer Pasabahçe teamed up with a collection of designers and glass artists to create Omnia, a series that channeled Anatolian culture through modern glass objects. Now they are reviving the concept — this time focused around the theme of water and in partnership with the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association — with 15 designers, primarily Turkish, plus the Paris-based SCMP Design Office — comprised of French designers Sébastien Cluzel and Morgane Pluchon.

For their part, Cluzel and Pluchon developed six different projects, some more directly inspired by water than others. From their WAVES box — rippled and round, looking like the choppy surface of the sea — to the so-called H2O paperweight, which showcases water molecules in clear, blue and yellow glass forms, the pieces work equally on their own or in use. Diverging from such clear interpretations, the DIVERSITÀ vases experiment more with texture, colors and finish — amber and blue curving shapes combined with flat, simple elements — and the WATER TOWER vases,  inspired by the work of photographers Bernd & Hilla Becher, use traditional Turkish glass decoration techniques like golden painting. Currently on display in a Pasabahçe shop in Istanbul, the collection will make its international debut next year in Milan.