One of the Art World’s Biggest Rising Stars is Inspired by Design

Less than a month after we spotted a stunning unknown painting on the walls of Kai Avent-deLeon’s Brooklyn brownstone in 2015, we popped into L.A.’s MAMA gallery for a random visit and instantly recognized that we were surrounded by the work of the very same artist, Mattea Perrotta. It was either kismet or an intense case of Baader-Meinhof, but either way, we’ve been thinking about those paintings ever since. What’s certainly no coincidence — because we’re constantly drawn to the work of artists who do — is that Perrotta finds some of her inspiration in design, specifically architecture and the Bauhaus. She beautifully merges those inspirations with muted colors, geometric shapes, and abstractions of the female body, which she arrived at after years of focusing on portraiture.

Perrotta recently had an incredibly cool show in London in collaboration with furniture designer Mario Milana (photos here); keep an eye on her Artsy page to find the next chance to see her works in person.
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