Week of March 12, 2018

A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: greatest hits from the Collectible fair in Brussels, new vases and bags that indulge our longtime obsession with hammered metal, and the design-y beach towels giving us a reason to start dreaming about summer.


SS_Collectible_MDR2 SS_Collectible_MDRWe exhibited at our first international design fair last week: Collectible in Brussels, where we hosted new work by Mimi Jung and Chen Chen and Kai Williams. Among those who joined us? Modern Design Review magazine, showcasing the designers featured in their latest issue, Anton Alvarez, Thomas Ballouhey, and James Shaw, the latter of whose extruded table and lights are pictured above.
SS_Collectible_DestroyersBuildersOne of the strongest booths was by the Belgian studio Destroyers/Builders, who showed a bunch of fat-legged, heavy-set pieces, including an eggplant-colored daybed.
SS_Collectible_HardcoreEqually heavy was Core Studio‘s reprise of its Hardcore exhibition, originally mounted during Dutch Design Week and here supplemented with some newer pieces.
SS_Collectible_TKAnother standout booth was by Studio Corkhino, an Antwerp duo whose entire practice revolves around innovating Portuguese cork.
SS_Collectible_Adorno_Boteurse SS_Collectible_Adorno_SepVerboomA vase by Harvey Bouterse (top) and a table by Sep Verboom from Adorno’s booth.


SS_DWR_Note_WatercolorRugWe just discovered this new-ish Watercolor rug by Note Design for DWR, which we think hits a very nice balance between neutral and statement-y, and — woop! — it just so happens to be on sale.
SS_LDZ_NewFormatVessels2 SS_LDZ_NewFormatVesselsThe Canadian studio New Format just released a series of one-of-a-kind vases made from sheets of silicon bronze coated on the inside with white resin by designer Henry Norris. He has plans to use the same process to make chairs, tables, doors, and lighting next.
SS_Parmentier_ScalaSS_Parmentier_Scala2This week the Miami design showroom Studiotwentyseven (who have a great newsletter, FYI) alerted us to the existence of these stepped-leather tables and consoles by Stephane Parmentier for Giobagnara, an Italian leather company that often makes custom furnishings and accessories for yachts and jets (errr, ignore that part).
SS_Resident_newWe like the direction that the New Zealand furniture brand Resident is moving in — here’s a preview of its forthcoming (presumably in Milan?) collection, including the Arcade modular sofa and Isabella chair (that adorbs wooden table on the right is an existing design by Phillipe Malouin).
OLDHAUS_atollo_lamp OLDHAUS_english_lampsNacho Alegre shot these images for Oldhaus, an online-only design gallery with a really cool graphic identity. Most of the pieces are vintage but they really do look way more covetable through Alegre’s lens.
SS_Frottee_Sibari3Yes, it’s only March, but you need to stop what you’re doing RIGHT now and stock up on these amazing beach towels (actually they have bath towels and bath mats too, if you’re too practical to be preparing for summer just yet). They’re by the Swiss company Frottee di Mare, with designs by artist Nina Hebting and manufacturing done by a family-owned factory in Austria. Our favorite is the Sibari pattern.


SS_Faris_LongswayWe haven’t yet mustered the guts to get down with the single earring trend, but we’re totally on board with a mismatched pair — these long Faris danglies are currently at the top of our list.
SS_Wearables_AnndraNeenAs is this amazing Hammered Wave Clutch by Anndra Neen, which is handmade by Mexican artisans. We realize there are two items in this Saturday Selects post made from hammered metal, but don’t call it a trend just yet — we’ve been into it for years, so it might just be a personal obsession. We’ll see.
SS_Wearables_ArpBag SS_Wearables_NathalieTrad2While searching Google for the perfect image of the Wave Clutch above (thanks Tenoversix!), we also came across these sculptural resin and mother-of-pearl bags by Nathalie Trad; you can buy them (and read an interview with the designer) here.