If You Can’t Get a Table at Noma, At Least Now You Can Buy a Piece of the Decor

Talk about the ultimate design karma: Two friends graduate from the design program at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, conceive two vases in pigmented concrete as Christmas presents for their moms, and just like that are discovered on Instagram by the designers behind Noma — aka the best restaurant in the world — and commissioned to create three new styles for the restaurant’s recently reopened Copenhagen location. That’s precisely what happened to good friends Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist, who now find themselves fulfilling custom orders and fielding queries from international stockists. Each Mater vase is made in a custom mold, meaning no two are the same. And while they’re meant to hold branches or flowers, as they do at Noma (as seen in the photos below), the larger ones are each about the size of a stool or side table; thanks to their weight, they can be simply flipped over and used as just that.


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