Ross Hansen Volume Gallery

Resin is Having a Moment — Here’s One of Our Favorite Uses of the Material Yet

Los Angeles designer Ross Hansen has a degree in landscape architecture — as well as a current landscape practice — so it makes sense that his first solo furniture exhibition, on view now at Chicago’s Volume Gallery, would hinge on man’s perception of nature. Called Super Natural, the pieces in his new series explore color, form, and industrial processes through objects made from material of the moment epoxy resin — a grand, flocked green armoire with a protruding, block-like grid; a bumpy, brick-red chair; and a series of bowls, tables, shelves, and chairs, whose mottled, pigment-dyed patterns almost resemble florals. “Eschewing the monotony of identical objects, these works resemble the structure of nature: similar at first glance yet varied upon inspection. The synthetic material and construction of these objects push the natural into a new state: the super natural.”

Hansen — who was part of our American Design Hot List last fall — goes deep into the nature theme, drawing parallels between the 18th-century English artist William Gilpin’s theories and his own work: “While nature is good at producing a variety of textures and colors, as Gilpin asserts, it is often man’s intervention to refine and sculpt the perfect composition.” For each piece, Hansen builds a custom mold in which the synthetic material can swirl and harden; as the pigment is mixed and applied in each piece, Hansen develops patterns and textures that blur the line between the natural and and the artificial. A must-visit if you’re in Chicago before it closes on the 26th.

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