Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Inspired By Architectural Jewelry? Yes, You Heard That Right

It might seem odd that a 235-year-old company — specializing in wall-to-wall carpeting for hotels, airports, casinos, and cruise ships — would collaborate with a relatively unknown jewelry designer from Australia, as is the case with Brintons‘ recent collaboration with Studio Elke. But in fact, this isn’t the British brand’s first foray into fashion — in the ’90s, Brintons worked with Vivienne Westwood on an advertising campaign that saw Westwood fashioning gowns and other outfits from Brintons’ archival rugs (very much worth a Google, IMHO). And it makes sense that Brintons would be moved by Studio Elke’s designs, which are often inspired by things like architecture, geometry, Art Deco, terrazzo, marble, and stone — in other words, things that easily and naturally translate into two-dimensional patterns. For their Composite collection, Brintons and Studio Elke founder Elke Kramer collaborated on a series of carpets with patterns lifted straight from Elke’s collection — tassel earrings have become a twisting, ropelike motif; bangles of carved resin and stone are transformed into a bold graphic of diamonds and triangles; and resin pyramids form the basis for Brutalist-inspired peaks. Check out some of our favorites from the collection below.

Studio_Elke_Brintons_Arches_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Musk_Nucleus_2 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Brutalist_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Slate_Thunder_Below_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Existance_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Jasper_Thunder_Below_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Tassels_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Power_of_Symmetry_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Musk_Nucleus_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Keep_Watch_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_Jasper_Nucleus_2 Studio_Elke_Brintons_The_Sorcerer_1 Studio_Elke_Brintons_The_Sorceress_1 Studio_Elke_Amber_Road_The_Collectionist_1 Studio_Elke_Amber_Road_The_Collectionist_3 Studio_Elke_Amber_Road_The_Collectionist_2