Prediction: You’re Gonna Want Each One of These Abstract, Geometric Danish Rugs

Remember the Muuto pop-up in Copenhagen we shared with you earlier this summer? As much as we loved the Dots installations and the burnt orange sofas, our first question when we saw those photos was: “Who the heck made that amazing rug?” Turns out it was the work of Röd Studio, an up-and-coming Copenhagen-based duo formed by textile designers Anne Louise Rasmussen and Maja Marie Halling. It also turns out that that rug — an ivory and beige striped, asymmetrical carpet in the shape of P — was in fact one of their tamer, more conventional styles. Röd Studio specializes in rugs made with non-traditional materials, experimental forms, and a more conceptual idea of storytelling behind each composition. Their Assemblage collection, which employs materials like horse and goat hair to create a more three-dimensional work, was inspired by the visual identity of Marrakech, while their Face It pieces explore both the humanity and abstraction of masks. Explore some of favorites below, and keep an eye on the Danish duo here.

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