This Airbnb in the California Desert is Also a Shoppable Design Showroom

Have you ever stayed in an extra-stylish Airbnb and wondered where you might procure, say, the same fluffy towels or the same perfect coffee pourover situation? That’s the idea behind Casa Mami, a rental house in Pioneertown, California that doubles as something of a design showroom. The house was renovated (and documented here with one of those satisfying before-and-after slider mechanisms) by Carlos Naude and Whitney Brown, the married co-founders behind multidisciplinary studio Working Holiday. What was once earth-toned and dated (think Barcaloungers, mini-blinds, and solar panels standing at attention on the roof) now feels modern and intentional, with white-painted exteriors, gray gravel, black trim, and furnishings from 24 brands including Waka Waka, RBW, Hay, Laun, and Fish & Pink, among others, which can all be shopped via Casa Mami’s online store. (We’re especially into the custom Neenineen ceramics.) As a bonus, Casa Mami is also totally off the grid, running off its own solar power, septic and water tanks. Take a peek at the photos below, then click here to book if you’re heading for a (much-needed) winter trip to the desert.

Casa Mami5 Casa Mami2 Casa Mami1 Casa Mami3 Casa Mami10 Casa Mami6 Casa Mami11 Casa Mami16 Casa Mami17 Casa Mami14 Casa Mami7 Casa Mami13 Casa Mami4 Casa Mami12 Casa Mami9