A New Minimalist Furniture Collection With the Warmth of the Mediterranean

Five years ago, we happened upon a promising new design duo, the Barcelona-based Goula/Figuera Studio. They remained on our radar with their mobile-like Lines & Dots lamps, not to mention their gravity-defying contribution to last year’s wild exhibition at Barcelona Design Week. Now, the duo has spun off a new brand to meet all the needs of contemporary living. The newly branded works go by GOFI and express the studio’s aesthetic principles: few materials, warmth and simplicity, minimalism, and a Mediterranean vibe. From the wooden Taco, which can be used either as a stool or table, to the marble-legged glass table with prehistoric inspirations, to the candlesticks that echo the Lines & Dots lamps, the entire range of circles, rectangles, and lines shape a series of experimentation and expanding ideas.

FA yellow with Didot LD07 & LDS20 GOFI Upholstered blue LINES&CANDLES 3 with Didot Low taco-vase-01 PRINT 05 with Didot TACO oak with carnac amarilla-con-sofa CARNAC 120 with vase FA black with Didot copy CARNAC 120 with Taco 2 LDS02, LD07, LDS20 roja con print GOFI with table copy DIDOT TV black-blue with Lines&Candles 3 GOFI Upholstered pink CARNAC 120 with Taco vertical cromada-cama-vertical GOFI chair 02