Egg Collective’s New Tribeca Showroom is One of the Best Places to Look at Furniture in New York

Sometimes we forget that Crystal Ellis, Hillary Petrie, and Stephanie Beamer of Egg Collective went to architecture school before moving to New York to begin their career as furniture designers. But step one foot into the Tribeca showroom the trio recently debuted during New York Design Week, and the ease the three women have when dealing with materiality and interior space hits you like a ton of bricks (no pun intended). Situated at ground level, in a sunlit corner rather than on the high floor of an office building like their previous showroom, it’s easily one of the most pleasant places to look at furniture in all of New York.

And look at furniture you will — the space shows off existing pieces as well as new designs, including a sofa with puzzle-piece pillows, a table with asymmetrical legs, and, for their own use, the first-ever desks the trio has ever designed (a far cry from “eating lunch on the shop floor,” as Beamer recalls they used to do). But there’s also plenty else to look at, from the curving, spaceship-like, stainless-steel reception desk to the color-blocked plaster wall treatments by Callidus Guild, who is exclusively represented by Egg Collective. The space also features designs by longtime collaborators like Mimi Jung, Bari Ziperstein, and Hiroko Takeda, as well as a rotating art program curated by Ellis’s sister, artist Tealia Ellis Ritter. Pro tip: The showroom is within walking distance of places like Roll & Hill, Colony, Casa Perfect, R&Company, and more, so do yourself a favor and block off a chunk of time on the next sunny day in New York to wander and take it all in.


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