Trueing’s Epic New Lights Hang From Huge Colored Glass Chains

There was a time when we would have associated the idea of chains in lighting with Restoration Hardware, or a Medieval tavern. That time has officially come to an end. Not only are chains on something of an upswing in design right now, but the rising New York studio Trueing just released an epic series of sconces, pendants, and floor lamps suspended from oversized links made of borosilicate glass, instantly banishing all rustic or industrial associations from our minds. Called Cerine, the collection features both clear chains and colored ones, which appear light and delicate yet benefit from borosilicate’s strength and durability. The pieces will be on view for two weeks, starting May 15, at the Japanese clothing label pas de calais‘s showroom in Soho.

Trueing_Cerine_2 Trueing_Cerine_5 Trueing_Cerine_4 Trueing_Cerine_7 Trueing_Cerine_10 Trueing_Cerine_11 Trueing_Cerine_19 Trueing_Cerine_15 Trueing_Cerine_14 Trueing_Cerine_13 Trueing_Cerine_12 Trueing_Cerine_3 Trueing_Cerine_17 Trueing_Cerine_18