Six More Things We Loved at This Year’s Design Miami/Basel

Who knew that the buzziest place during this year’s Design Miami/Basel would be the comments section of Vitra’s Instagram? After the Swiss furniture company debuted an installation and limited-edition collection in which fashion designer/Kanye BFF Virgil Abloh reimagined classic Jean Prouvé items from Vitra’s archives, a fight broke out in the comments between design purists — asking concerned questions like “Are you OK, Vitra?” and joking that the orange-hued pieces were actually designed by Home Depot — and hypebeasts delivering emoji-filled hosannas and wondering how they could get their hands on the items. While we agree with some of the criticisms leveled, and typically roll our eyes at most projects seeking to leech off of Abloh’s hype machine, we honestly didn’t hate the outcome, nor do we believe that some great irreversible damage has been done to Prouvé’s legacy. Feel free to come at us in our Instagram comments.

Moving on, there were a few other major standouts this week in Basel, such as Floris Wubben‘s increasingly complex and ambitious experiments with extrusion for The Future Perfect, stylist Connie Hüsser‘s curated object menagerie, and Franco-Danish duo OrtaMiklos‘s collection of blobby furniture — made with a wacky melange of materials like concrete, paper pulp, electrical wire, and stockings — inspired by Roman decadence. Check them out below.

Objects With Love, Curated by Connie Hüsser

IMG_4388 IMG_4387 IMG_4389

Drill Vases by Studio EO


Tray by TAFDesignMiami_OWL_candycolumn-objectwithlove

Candy Column by Sabine Marcelis


Sculpture by Roosje van Donselaar for Post Modern Collection DesignMiami_OWL_lazyroman-objectwithlove

Lazy Roman by Christian NeuenschwanderDesignMiami_OWL_chunk-objectwithlove

Candleholder by Ward Wijnant for Oddness DesignMiami_OWL_theshell-objectwithlove

Shell by Bloc Studios

Floris Wubben at The Future Perfect

Design Miami_Floris Wubben_Rib lamp_deep sea DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_XXL stool_model 8 DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_Bunker_Table DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_Mirror_model_2 DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_Forced_Vase_model 5 DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_Bunker_Totem DesignMiami_02_Bunker_Table4 DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_XXL stool_model 7 DesignMiami_Floris Wubben_TridentTable

OrtaMiklos at Functional Art Gallery

DesignMiami_FAOM15733-Granny Sipping Water-2019-1-HIRES LABELED DesignMiami_FAOM15740-OrtaMiklos Lily-2019-3-HIRES LABELD DesignMiami_FAOM15738-Tweedledum-2019-1-HIRES LABELED

Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra

Petite Potence - Virgil Abloh Special - light off-2814615 Virgil-Abloh_Vitra_JulienLanoo_20190610-003-2824986 Virgil-Abloh_Vitra_JulienLanoo_20190610-220 ohne Text-2825037 copy Virgil-Abloh_Vitra_JulienLanoo_20190610-267-2825000

Studio Buzao for Gallery All

Design Miami_Gallery All5 Design Miami_Gallery All8 Design Miami_Gallery All Design Miami_Gallery All6 Design Miami_Gallery All3

Mathieu Lehanneur Design Curio