The Los Angeles Design Scene Has Officially Hit Its Stride

This weekend, as we were scrolling through Instagrams from the recently finished LA Design Festival, we felt something that’s normally reserved for looking at images from Design Parade or Dutch Design Week or any number of European design happenings — it was FOMO, pure and simple. From a giant Block Shop mural/block party to the now annual Hem Fest to Sarah Ellison’s launch at Hawkins New York to Intro/LA — whose showcase we’re featuring here today — the ad hoc design weekend looked like a crazy amount of fun, as well as a serious display of how far the LA design scene has come in terms of both community and cohesion. Intro/LA, the annual showcase organized by Paul Valentine of Small Office, celebrated its fifth anniversary with its strongest showing yet, with collections from ETC.etera, Another Human, Waka Waka, Atelier de Troupe, Michael Felix, B.Zippy, Laun, and more — in other words, a who’s who of some of our favorite LA designers. Scroll through for some of our favorites, and we’ll see you in LA next June.



ETC.etera x Another Human190620_IntroLA_0003

Another Human190620_IntroLA_0027

Block Shop & B. Zippy


Block Shop190620_IntroLA_0005 190620_IntroLA_0007

Klein Agency


Rachel Duvall


Waka Waka


Estudio Persona



Brendan Ravenhill