This Norwegian Designer is Making a Vase Every Day for 365 Days

We’ve known artists who’ve committed to making a drawing a day, or graphic designers who create digital posters each night when they return home from their day job. But never have we seen a designer take on the task of making a three-dimensional object — much less one that needs to be glazed, fired, photographed, and Instagrammed — for each day of the year, until we were browsing the account of Ann Kristin Einarsen earlier this spring. We were familiar with the Norwegian designer from our Sight Unseen OFFSITE show, when she collaborated with Pat Kim on a series of lights in glass and turned wood. But her #365vases project — in which she designs a vase a day with a new set of parameters each month — is next level. Oh, and did we mention Einarsen is currently pregnant? “I really wanted to get ahead on the project so you could preview new stuff, but turns out I was never able to get ahead by more than a few days,” the designer laughs. “Who knew making 365 vases would be crazy time-consuming?!” Preview some of our favorites below, and then head over to Einarsen’s Instagram to follow along.

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