Morgan Peck’s New Collection is the Equivalent of Stained Glass Tie Dye

Stained glass is back. Tie dye is back. Colored glass has been back for, like, ever. But in California ceramicist Morgan Peck‘s new collection, currently on view at the Fredericks & Mae storefront in Brooklyn, those three trends come together in a glorious, never-before-seen mash-up. “The inspiration behind the new collection is my love of mosaics and stained glass,” Peck explains. “I took the technique of melting glass frit — usually used in 1970’s ashtrays — into pools and expanded it over the whole surface using a mosaic-like structure. By letting the glass melt and mix, the colors become sort of stained glass tie dye.” The structures Peck uses to frame her glass experiments don’t look out of the ordinary — vases, mirrors, and trays — but her material process is also slightly atypical: “I start with a super gritty soft sculpture clay; starting with a soft slab  forces me to think of new ways to build, either keeping the slab straight or curving it into a cone or cylinder. I love to think of it as either fabric or wood. In the wet stage it can curve and flow just like fabric while still showing the thickness, as seen in the Stretch Vase arms. In the slightly drier stage clay can be like plywood and I can quickly build tall volumes with angles, used in the Lunette Vases or frames for the wall mirrors.” In any case, we like the results. On view through September 29.

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