A Limited-Edition Furniture Set for Collectors of Small Objects — AKA All of Us

The relationship between artist and collector is symbiotic. The collector loves the artist. The artist appreciates the collector. And so it goes. In a new show at The Gallery Brussels earlier this month, Studio Zanellato/Bortotto presented Labirinti, a collection that explores the impulse to collect. During a visit to the Brussels home-gallery of collectors Marino Fermi and Konrad Kern, Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto witnessed an awe-inspiring range of personal collections — from ties to teacups to Memphis relics. The Italian design duo set out to produce a series of works dedicated to collectors and their passion for objects, with metal pieces produced by De Castelli and a rug from cc-tapis. The result is ‘Labirinti,’ a range of six pieces that nod to cabinets of curiosity; even empty, they each possess a magnetism that calls out to be filled.

SHELF©MauroTittoto RUG©MauroTittoto CABINET©MauroTittoto COFFEETABLE©MauroTittoto SEAT©MauroTittoto CONSOLE©MauroTittoto CONSOLE_DETAIL4©MauroTittoto SHELF_DETAIL2©MauroTittoto RUG_DETAIL©MauroTittoto.jpg