This Collection by Vincenzo De Cotiis Is Renewing Our Love For All Things Iridescent

There was a time — a long time in fact — when I secretly loved all things iridescent, despite the embarrassing juvenile connotations. Then there was a time when everything suddenly was iridescent, dispelling some of those connotations but souring my love by overexposure. I can’t decide which was worse, but this month a small measure of solace arrived in the form of Vincenzo De Cotiis‘s newest furniture collection, which is coated in rainbows but in no way feels young or passé to me. Called Éternel, the series is on view now at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, and includes hand-crafted tables, stools, and lamps whose color and materiality pay homage, in an abstract way, to the designer’s love for Japan. “This collection was inspired by traditional Japanese temples and architecture, gardens and bonsais, the color of the cherry trees blossoming in spring, Japanese lanterns, water, and crafts,” notes the gallery.

It was in pursuit of hints of that cherry-blossom pink that De Cotiis decided to combine his first-ever use of cast aluminum with a galvanized and zinc-plated iridescent surface treatment; he also added iridescence to the show’s Murano glass lamps, whose forms are meant to evoke water. Those materials are joined in the collection by brass, Brazilian granite, fiberglass, stucco, and resin, though only half of the works are pictured here, owing to the fact that the gallery is holding some images back for the show’s appearance in New York some time next year. We’ll see you there.

01_DeCotiis_Jeudi_17oct DE COTIIS_DC 1901 (Coffee Table)_01 DE COTIIS_DC1908 (Dining Table)_03 DE COTIIS_DC 1905 (Stool)_01 DE COTIIS_DC 1905 (Stool)_02 DE COTIIS_DC1903 (Side Table)_01 Portrait_VDeCotiis_Carre_Sans_beton DE COTIIS_DC1902 (Coffee Table)_01 DE COTIIS_DC1902 (Coffee Table)_04 DE COTIIS_DC1902 (Coffee Table)_02de_cotiis_eternel_exhibition_views_05 DE COTIIS_DC1919 (Lounge Chair)_01