Croissant Lamps and Bauhaus Blankets: The 2019 Sight Unseen Gift Guide, Part III

For today’s gift guide, we turned the tables, asking some of our favorite designers and influencers to share their best gifts for giving and receiving. The results were kiiiinda great — who wouldn’t want a croissant-shaped lamp (that’s Ellen Van Dusen’s pick), a portable jacuzzi (chef Angela Dimayuga), or a shiny pink purse adorned with fruit salad (interior designer Sally Breer)? Over on Instagram, you’ll have the chance to win four of the coolest items from this guide, pictured up top — a geometric brass lamp, a pair of hand-cast bookends, a mirror-polished ashtray and catchall, and a matte green tray to display all the new smalls you’re sure to have acquired this holiday season. Happy gifting!

Opening image, styled by Sean Dooley and photographed by Cody Guilfoyle: Brass Primary Shapes Lamp by Michele Varian, $840; Henge Bookends by Umé Studio for WorkOf, $245; Torei Tray by New Tendency, $219; Terrace Ashtray by Tetra, $110


Fruit Salad Bucket Bag by Susan Alexander, $525
“Her stuff is just so joyful. And every woman has room in her closet for a beaded purse!” — Sally Breer, interior designer, Et.cetera

Athena Calderone_Simone Bodmer Turner2

Bridge Handled Vessel by Simone Bodmer Turner, $1,195
“When I was designing my home, Simone and I worked together for a piece for my master bathroom just before the home was shot for AD. The Bridge Handled Vessel retains a cool story in that I have THE original, and they are now in production. Simone and I are collaborating currently on the design of a few pieces!” — Athena Calderone, interior designer, entertaining expert, and blogger, EyeSwoon

Marisa Competello_Hunting Season Square Lighter

The Square Lighter by Hunting Season, $350
“Such a chic functional object to gift a friend’s home!” — Marisa Competello, floral designer, MetaFlora

Connie Matisse_Frances-May-Floral-Connie-Silk-Pant19_x1200

Floral Silk Connie Pant, $325
“Nothing makes me feel fancier than wearing silk. Extremely convenient for me that this is called the Connie pant. Need to have! There’s a matching, pajama-style top, too.” — Connie Matisse, co-founder, East Fork


Terrace Ashtray by Tetra, $110
“I’ve become even more obsessed with tabletop trinkets since poring over Su Wu’s collection of smalls in Mexico City. This brass ashtray is the kind of piece that can pull design double duty —whip it out when friends come over to unwind on a Friday night, or keep it on display atop a stack of books.” — Sean Santiago, creative director and Sight Unseen contributing editor

Sean Santiago_Steamery2

Cirrus No. 2 Steamer by Steamery Stockholm, $132
“Kinda basic but kind of GLAM, this steamer is particularly great for seasonal weddings. If you’re giving it as a gift, I think you definitely have to go for one of the colors because it’s INDULGENT.” — Sean Santiago, creative director and Sight Unseen contributing editor

Mette Hay_Ganni_Backpack

Tech Fabric Backpack by Ganni, $205
“I could have chosen many other things, but this backpack from Ganni is very cool.” — Mette Hay, co-founder, Hay


Brass Primary Shapes Lamp by Michele Varian, $840
“This table lamp feels at once ancient and sci-fi, a mashup I’m definitely into. It’d be perfect for cuddling up next to with a good book. Hot tip: Gifts that create a moment are extra nice, so throw in that book while you’re at it. I devoured this collection of short stories by Lucia Berlin a few months ago and really haven’t stopped thinking about it since.” — Dana Covit, Sight Unseen West Coast editor

Dana Covit_Coming of Age

XL Iridescent Navy Everyday Bag by Coming of Age, $320
“The carry-all tote to end all carry-all totes. I’m powerless in the face of its glorious and unapologetically nostalgic iridescent silk taffeta.” — Dana Covit, Sight Unseen West Coast editor

Felix Burrichter_Maarten Baas_Valerie Objects3

Maarten Baas Pepper Mill by Valerie Objects, $150
“I love this pepper mill because it looks someone casually carved it out of plastic by hand, as if made just for me.” — Felix Burrichter, founder and editor, PIN-UP Magazine


Torei Tray by New Tendency, $219
“This tray is great because I love classic surgical steel trays but dark green gives it a bit of a warmth. They also make it in dark brown, which is my other favorite. Imagine that in a surgery room!” — Felix Burrichter, founder and editor, PIN-UP Magazine


Henge Bookends by Umé Studio, $245
“I read so much that I’m forever turning new surfaces in my apartment into makeshift bookshelves. Umé Studio’s bookends add a sophisticated, sculptural vibe that may just redeem that. They remind me of a summer afternoon spent wandering the ancient Greek collection at the Benaki Museum in Athens, relishing the cool air conditioning and prehistoric sculptures.” — Chrysanthe Tenentes, editor and head of content, 99U

Helene Rebelo_Entler

2-Globe Table Lamp by Entler Studio, $1,225 — Hélène Rebelo, stylist and founder, Cool Machine Shop


Ingobbio 3 Unique Ceramic Vase by Coralla, $2,545 — Cara Woodhouse, interior designer

Ellen Van Dusen_CroissantLamp

Croissant Lamp by Pampshade, $88
“This lamp is made from an actual croissant. It’s hollowed out, encased in resin, and a light is inserted inside. I have two on my mantle at home and they are a real hit.” — Ellen Van Dusen, designer, Dusen Dusen 

Ellen Van Dusen_IKEA bucket hat

Ikea Bucket Hat With Pencil, $18.99
“It comes with a loop to hold a pencil. In my mind, it’s the #1 fashion accessory of the 2019 holiday season.” — Ellen Van Dusen, designer, Dusen Dusen 

Caroline Hurley_cardigan-woman-no19-mist-1

Cardigan Woman No19 Sweater by Babaa, $255
The perfect sweater from Babaa, made with love in Spain.” — Caroline Hurley, textile designer

Caroline Hurley

Whole Food Cooking Everyday by Amy Chaplin, $20
“Her recipes are so easy and fun and really creative. I made the black sesame cake with almond flour — very much recommend!” —  Caroline Hurley, textile designer

Emi Moore_Shifting Glass Salt Cellar

Shifting Lavender-Green Glass Salt Cellar by Morgan Gilbreath, $50
“A beautiful holiday hostess gift: one-of-a-kind glass salt cellar (even better gifted with a fancy truffle salt).” — Emi Moore, owner, Casa Shop

LABottega Marina di Pietrasanta Art, Food, Lab, Rooms

Posture N.1 Total Black by Carl Kleiner Bloc Studios, $210
“A gift for the design enthusiast who has everything.” — Emi Moore, owner, Casa Shop


Stölzl Blanket by Wallace Sewell, $580
“Gunta Stölzl has long been my Bauhaus fave, and in 2019 she’s gotten some long overdue props thanks to the 100th anniversary of the German design school. You can currently see her work on display in the textile show at the newly-reopened MoMA, and a spate of museum stores are carrying the dormitory bed blanket she designed in 1926, a re-edition of which is now manufactured by Wallace Sewell.” — Kelsey Keith, editor-in-chief, Curbed

Emily Simms_h56df4ba302518

1.2 Sake Set by Saikai, $65
“Always looking for an excuse to up my sake game, and this set feels like a good enough reason.” — Emily Simms, graphic designer and photographer


Chaos Lazy Susan, $465
“Lazy Susans are making a comeback and the color palette on this one is impeccable.” — Emily Simms, graphic designer and photographer

Philippe Malouin_serif_tv

The Serif TV by Samsung, $1,600
“I never watched television much until I got the Serif TV for Samsung, designed by the Bouroullec brothers. It’s the only modern TV set I would have.” — Philippe Malouin, furniture designer

Angela Dimayuga_La-z-spa 1

Lay-Z-Spa, $379
“It’s a portable jacuzzi, it’s pretty cheap, it’s really cute design-wise, and it’s SO FUN.” — Angela Dimayuga, chef and creative director for food and culture for Standard Hotels