If You’re Looking for a New Set of Flatware, Your Search Stops Here

When I first set out to do this story, it was purely for selfish reasons: I was looking to replace a now out-of-stock Ikea flatware set (with bizarrely tiny forks) that I’d purchased as a cheap placeholder years ago. Why not share the results of my search? For fun, I polled some design friends on Instagram and that’s when the floodgates opened. You guys. I had no idea people had so many opinions about flatware. “YES my favorite topic,” breathed Ellen Van Dusen, who promptly sent me a snap of her all-blue Memphis-style David Tisdale picnic flatware. “Omg, what a question,” said noted modernist flatware enthusiast Dung Ngo. “Can I give you three sets at three different price points?” “I’ve had people steal forks and knives off planes for me,” admitted art director PJ Mattan, who’s amassed a collection over the years from airlines like SWISS and Air France. Flatware even came up at a dinner party I hosted, with one guest scoffing that it was impossible to choose from a mere image on a screen — that you needed to feel a fork’s weight and heft for so intimate an act as eating.

However, this article is here to give you permission to do just that! In fact, I’m planning on purchasing something from this article myself just as soon as I can actually make a decision! (I’m a Gemini.) If you’re on the fence too, well, how about a celebrity endorsement? Superstar chef Laila Gohar reveals that her everyday set is Carl Auböck for Amboss Austria, while Curbed editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith prefers Dry by Achille Castiglioni for Alessi. One note of caution before you read on: While this is a round-up of the very best design flatware on the market right now (at many different price points), I am something of a purist and do not believe in “black” flatware, “gold” flatware, or “iridescent” flatware. If those are your thing, that’s cool, but you won’t find them here. Happy hunting!

Hay_Big Game_Everyday Cutlery polished stainless steel_Family

Everyday Flatware by Big-Game for Hay, $115 for a 20-piece set

Hay_Big Game_Sunday_Family

Sunday Flatware by Big-Game for Hay, $150 for a 20-piece set


Dry by Achille Castiglioni for Alessi, $300 for a 20-piece set

Sottsass_Cinque Stelle

Cinque Stelle by Ettore Sottsass, $218 for a 24-piece set

Bernadotte_Georg Jensen

Bernadotte by Georg Jensen, $380 for a 20-piece set

39a0b6eb-adc5-4259-a04b-b7f3850518a8--2018-0319_mepra_fantasia-5-piece-plate-setting_green_silo_ty-mecham_003 s

Fantasia by Mepra Italian Flatware, $310 for a 20-piece set

cutlery-v8017018ms22-h Valerie-Objects-Muller-Van-Severen-Cutlery-Set MVS Cutlery_Valerie Objects

Muller Van Severen x Valerie Objects, starts at $629 for a 16-piece set


Alessi_Santiago_Need Supply

Santiago by David Chipperfield for Alessi, $234 for a 24-piece set

Josef Hoffmann_Rundes_Alessi

Rundes Modell by Josef Hoffmann for Alessi, $780 for a 24-piece set

Gourmet Settings Pure

Pure by Gourmet Settings, $56 for a 20-piece set



Kenmochi flatware by Isamu Kenmochi, $99 for a 20-piece set

Henning_Moma Store

New York by Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen, $275 for a 24-piece set

Arne Jacobsen_Moma Store

Arne Jacobsen for Georg Jensen, $260 for a 20-piece set

Essential Sabre

Essential Chrome by Sabre, $180 for a 20-piece set

Bistro Ivory_Unison

Bistro Ivory by Sabre, $260 for a 20-piece set

Maarten Baas_Valerie Objects

Maarten Baas for Valerie Objects, $387 for a 16-piece set

Carlo Scarpa_Cleto Munari

Carlo Scarpa for Cleto Munari, $1,320 for a single set (lol)

David Mellor_Minimal

Minimal by David Mellor, $288 for a 20-piece set
izabel lam

Sphere Flatware Set by Izabel Lam, $550 for a 20-piece set

Tortoise Shell Sabre

Tortoise Flatware by Sabre, priced individually


Grove flatware by EQ3, $120 for a 20-piece set

Carl Aubock Amboss Austria

Carl Aubock for Amboss Austria, $2,100 for an 18-piece set


Nobel cutlery by Gunnar Cyrén for Gense, $217 for a set of 20


Muir by Heath, $288 for a 20-piece set


Artik by Laura Partanen & Arto Kankkunen for Iittala, $360 for a 20-piece set


Pott no. 34 by Carl Pott, $2,050 for a 20-piece set

Piet Boon_Totokaelo

Piet Boon, $248 for a 24-piece set


Oneida Terrace in Sunflower, $90 for a 20-piece set


Koichi Futatsumata x Valerie Objects, $644 for a 16-piece set


Tecna by Pinti Inox, $480 for a 20-piece set

Nantas Jean Puiforcat Nantes by Puiforcat, priced individually


Movida by Mepra, $312 for a 20-piece set