Starting At Noon Today, Snag One of These Experimental Glass Vessels for Under a Grand

This week, Artsy ran an article entitled “To Attract Young Collectors, Auction Houses Tap Rock Stars, Sneakerheads, and a Spice Girl.” But Canadian designer Jeff Martin is taking a slightly more subtle tack: Starting today at noon, Martin is dropping a collection of small and “extra-medium” glass objects on the new webshop for his Excavated Vessels line, which we wrote about earlier last year. While Martin’s larger vessels can go for as much as $12,000 depending on the scale and complexity of the work, nothing in this collection with be over $1,000, inclusive of shipping and taxes. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, selling smaller unique objects at an entry-level price point for younger and more experimental collectors,” says Martin. “Much of my large-scale glass resides in private, museum, and institutional collections. I want to do something like this every six months or so, that people my age can get into.”

Some of the vessels are quite small — of the bud vase or scotch glass variety — but like the larger vessels, Martin experiments here with glazed crusts, fluting, and something called “lens cuts.” “We’re exploring more mark-making types of methods, where we first sift a powdered glass on top of two layers of clear glass, which already envelope an interior pigmented core. Then we follow ridges with carving tools to expose the core color again.” And while not cheap, it’s definitely a more accessible way to get into the collecting game. Go here at noon today to snag one of the 30+ new items, and keep an eye on the link just in case they sell out fast!

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