Always Wanted to Own a Matisse? Now You Can — No, Really

Yeah yeah, we get it. Maybe you already have a Matisse, in the form of one of these ubiquitous posters or prints. But ever since October of last year, it’s become a little bit easier to recreate a piece of the French painter’s joie de vivre at home without a dorm poster: Maison Matisse was founded last year by the fourth generation Matisse family, and it seeks to showcase the artist’s aesthetic through a series of home collections and limited-edition objects. With the launch came short-lived vases by the Bouroullecs, Jaime Hayon, and Alessandro Mendini, but now the brand has launched its first official collection. Called La Musique, and inspired by the 1939 painting of the same name, it’s a ceramic tableware collection produced in collaboration with designer Marta Bakowski. Matisse’s signature motifs — a philodendron leaf, a woman’s silhouette — are transposed here onto 14 earthenware pieces: platters, serving bowls, bottles, plates and pitchers. We appreciate how the graphics range from Memphis-crazy to subtly abstract, something for every table setting. The pieces will be available in April and we’ll be sure to update you then!


MaisonMatisse1 MaisonMatisse4 MaisonMatisse3 MaisonMatisse7 MaisonMatisse2 MaisonMatisse5 MaisonMatisse6 Grand plat Canon © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse Plat Arpège © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse Assiette à dessert Clé © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse Assiette à dessert Variation © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse Cruche Octave © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse 2 Bouteille Canon © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse 3 Bouteille Harmonie © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse Bouteille Sol © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse 2