15 (More) Things We Loved at Maison & Objet and IMM Cologne

We often use these fair reports as a place to talk about trends that are on the horizon. But if the first two fairs of 2020 — the recently finished IMM Cologne and Maison & Objet — are any indication, perhaps what we should be talking about is the amazing longevity of some of these motifs in design. In this round-up alone, we have instances of hairy, fringey things (Houtique’s Woody pouf, seen at the top of this post); arches (in Bernhardt & Vella’s colored glass bathroom dividers for Ex.t); Royère-style scalloping (Frédéric Pellenq’s wavy-backed sofa for Kolkhoze), and tubes (David Derksen’s new works as creative director for WL CERAMICS), all of which have been happening for quite some time (which, to be clear, we’re totally on board with). The most out-of-nowhere thing to launch this month was a series of waxed aluminum cabinets, each set with an unpolished semi-precious stone, mineral, or fossil that dates back millions of years, by the young Belgian designer Pierre de Valck for Belgium is Design. A harbinger of things to come? Only 2020 will tell.

Pierre de Valck

Pierre De Valck_01 Pierre De Valck_04 Pierre De Valck-03


Woody-azul_prod-fondo-liso Woody-verdecojines_fondo-naranja Woody-naranja_fondo-azul

Cristina Celestino for cc-tapis


Das Haus by MUT Design

Neuheitenrundgang, Stand: Das Haus, Pure Architects, Halle 3.1 Das Haus 2020 - „A la Fresca“ MUT Design Spanien, Halle 3.1, Pure Edition, imm cologne 2020 Das Haus 2020 - „A la Fresca“ MUT Design Spanien, Halle 3.1, Pure Edition, imm cologne 2020 LZF-LENS-DAS_HAUS-©PHOTOGRAPHY-ANGELSEGURAFOTO 2020 1 6S9A9672 LZF-TOMO-DAS-HAUS-©PHOTOGRAPHY-CONSTANTIN-MEYER-011


Frederic Pellenq Frederic Pellenq2 CAMARAT Frederic Pellenq3 Frederic Pellenq4

Camarat Collection by Frederic Pellenq

BOLD bench by Milena Denis Polania_Kolkhoze

Bold bench by Milena Denis Polania Archetype chair by Sofie Osterby_Kolkhoze (3)

Archetype chair by Sofie Osterby

Studio Adret


Bernhardt & Vella for Ex.t

4 Nouveau 3 Nouveau

Francesco Balzano for M Éditions

_VLX6189_ok _VLX6196_ok _VLX6224_ok

JCP Universe

Sopovria_2-JPC_by_Sovrappensiero Sopovria_Va_2-JCP_by_Sovrappensiero Sopovria_So_2-JCP_by_Sovrappensiero

Ligne Roset

PUKKA_YabuPushelberg_1004st PUKKA_YabuPushelberg_1004sx

Pukka by Yabu Pushelberg

TARU_S.Herkner_1004t9 TARU_S.Herkner_1004up

Taru by Sebastian Herkner

WL Ceramics by David Derksen

COLUMNS shelving low - by David Derksen for WL CERAMICS COLUMNS low table - by David Derksen for WL CERAMICS COLUMNS side table - by David Derksen for WL CERAMICS COLUMNS stool 2 - by David Derksen for WL CERAMICS


SEDIMENT_Coffee_table_Marble_Giallo_Reale SEDIMENT_Side_table_Marble_Verde_Guatemala Studio_Besau_Marguerre_Favius_2019-017 Studio_Besau_Marguerre_Favius_2019-004 Studio_Besau_Marguerre_Favius_2019-012

Serena Confalonieri for Lanificio Leo

Panoramica_1 Panoramica_2


©MvE_Amanita_1330 ©MvE_Amanita_1332 ©MvE_Simetria_1348 Cinema_Freisteller