A Colorful New Furniture Collection Inspired By Stonehenge

Remember this apartment? Designed in 2018 by Rhonda Drakeford of Darkroom, it was one of those stories that went unexpectedly viral, so simple and appealing were its concrete color blocks. Now Drakeford has used a similar visual language and a different materials palette to create a collection of furniture for the home, which debuted in Paris this week. Six pieces, hand-built from ash in Northeast England and stained with brightly colored pigments, form the core of the collection, which celebrates Darkroom’s 10th anniversary. Drakeford explains that she was looking at monuments of ancient civilizations “to find examples of simpler aesthetics and language codes, in particular the structural forms found at Stonehenge;” we see echoes of Bauhaus and Donald Judd-ian rectilinearity as well, two things that, as far as we’re concerned, are always in style.

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