This Modern Spanish Los Angeles Home is All About the Bathrooms (And the Archways, And the Pool…)

We first began to notice that Annie Ritz and Daniel Rabin, the architect couple behind LA’s And And And studio, had a thing for bathrooms back when their own house was published. The kids bathroom in that house is honestly a delight, what with its blue tile and pink grout. We took notice again when the couple posted this image on their Instagram of a master bath, whose tiled checkerboard floor is made from pink and mustard 2×2 squares. But their latest project, a house in Santa Monica Canyon, takes the cake: It features three bathrooms that are distinct from one another and each more fun than the last. One features walls tiled with this idiosyncratic geometric design from Portland’s Tempest Tileworks; another pairs sophisticated cloudy white zellige tiles with brass framing and a well-placed skylight; and the third, icing-on-the-cake powder room features a tropical mural from the Australian wallpaper brand Kingdom Home alongside fixtures painted a lush emerald green.

So the fact that the bathrooms might not even be the most striking part of this home is saying something. Ritz and Rabin describe the neighborhood it’s built in as having something we call “architecture creep”: “As more people discovered the beauty of the neighborhood, the original houses were gradually replaced by larger, more expressive, homes,” they explain. “The project site is surrounded by a series of new builds, each one laying greater claim to complicated design and the expressive signature of its architect. In response, we sought out the most reductive and simple expression.” The result, which references Irving Gill and other examples of early Spanish-influenced California Modernism, is a simple form of two long, horizontal-stacked rectangles. A single archway creates a series of openings, spaces, and connections within the two volumes, and tidily references the exterior as well. Also, can we please take a moment to appreciate the pool?


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