Copenhagen’s Last Resort Gallery Finds Creativity In Being Cooped Up

Currently on view at Copenhagen’s Last Resort Gallery, Stay At Home is a lockdown-inspired exhibition that contemplates home as more than “just a place to sleep.” Bringing together works from Gaetano Pesce, Jinyeong Jeon, Andrés Reisinger and Philippe Malouin for Established & Sons, among others, the show manifests a “dream confinement space for one.” Featuring Malouin’s distinctive Mollo sofa as something of a centerpiece (or at least the most sizable piece of furniture in the exhibition), the room approaches minimalism with a maximalist’s sense of abandon:  abstract objects litter the floor, “to keep your mind active”; a smattering of stools and side tables are on hand to be re-arranged, “like chess pieces”; and art and flowers inspire, while Mandalaki Studio’s Halo Lamp provides an “eternal sunrise, to keep your hopes up and dreams alive.” It’s a pleasant mélange, and a way of thinking about space that a lot of us could glom onto right now — rearrangement as dépaysement. The show is on view through this weekend. 


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