This New York Designer Turned His West Village Walk-Up Into a Design Showroom

The idea is so good I wish I’d thought of it first: Bereft of the camaraderie and inspiration that’s provided in a normal year by design parties, openings, and exhibitions, interior designer Olivier Garcé moved a passel of furniture into his West Village apartment and opened it up by appointment only. (A particularly good idea for me considering I’m going on two years with no living room furniture beyond a couch.) The star of the temporary arrangement is a collection of new work by Ian Felton, who has spent the the last year and a half since his first collection debuted trying to glaze lava stone with a process similar to ceramics. Felton’s resulting cadmium-red coffee table and stool take pride of place alongside contemporary pieces by Green River Project, Gabriella Picone, and Minjae Kim, vintage gems by Axel Einar Hjorth (including a scalloped rocking chair), and art by the likes of Imi Knoebel. The designer says the idea will move on to another location in the future, but it’s anyone’s guess when and where, which is pretty much how everything is right now anyway.


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