Kristina Krogh’s Plaster Reliefs Are Like Zen Gardens For Your Walls

It seems there’s no ending plaster’s reign as material of the moment and, honestly, we’re not mad about it — especially after coming across Danish artist and designer Kristina Krogh’s wall-hung reliefs. Made of wavy lines of plaster mounted on wood and colored in a soft gradient with acrylic paint, each of the pieces in her latest series — which come in a variety of shapes from amorphous discs to more conventional rectangles — is an original work. Krogh writes that she was “inspired by surfaces, curves, and calming lines found in landscapes” in the development of the collection, but we think they also resemble Ronan Bouroullec’s overlapping felt pen line drawings, only rendered in 3D. Both have a similarly meditative quality about them, which, we imagine, would make for a pleasant addition to the impromptu home office or whichever room you’ve been breaking down in this year. A 2020s version of the desktop sand Zen gardens that were so popular in the ’90s, but infinitely more tasteful. You can find the pieces on Krogh’s website, which she updates periodically with new work.

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