Want to Travel the World Living in Airbnbs for a Year? Here’s Your Chance!

If anything good came out of the tragedy that was COVID-19, it’s that a) mask-wearing when you’re sick may be the norm from now on, and b) so might working remotely, which means that for many of us, our careers will no longer require us to be chained to cities like New York and San Francisco. That means we can live out all kinds of unconventional fantasies, like buying a house in Maine so we can pickle vegetables while making pitch decks, or going nomadic and changing locales with every Zoom meeting. It’s in the spirit of the latter that Airbnb has launched an insanely good opportunity for those of us with the travel bug: Live Anywhere, a campaign in which 12 people will get to spend 10 months living for free in various Airbnbs, pretty much anywhere they choose. If you apply for the program and are selected, you can make your own itinerary, and Airbnb will fund it — plus transportation costs. And if you’re obsessed with interiors (duh, you’re reading Sight Unseen), you can experience some very incredible ones, like the renovated 19th-century farmhouse in the Berkshires that’s pictured in this post.

Why is Airbnb doing this? It turns out that even before the pandemic, there were a bunch of people who were living in Airbnbs full time, just because they wanted to travel a lot and liked the flexibility of not being tied to a lease. So Airbnb wants to use the Live Anywhere project as a research experiment, to find out how they can support the future of long-term Airbnb-ing. That means that the 12 people in the program will be asked to continuously share their experiences and feedback with the company during their various stays. The other catch is that the program starts soon — as in, July — so you have to be ready to roll if you’re chosen. But when you’re trolling Italian eBay for Murano lamps from the beach in Puglia, we’re pretty sure it will all be worth it. Apply here by June 30th!
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