The Designer Making Chairs From Discarded Puffy Coats

If you’re like me — and by that I mean you spent a very cold, COVID-filled winter socializing outside — you might be ready to never see a padded puffy coat again. But I was thoroughly charmed by the work of South Korean designer Jinyeong Yeon, who uses those padded goose down jackets, which remained unsold by fashion brands and manufacturers, as upholstery for his series of puffy chairs. Though the designer adds more cotton to make the seats more cozy and fluffy, each chair retains the outline of its outerwear past, with pockets and seams still intact. Some of the jackets had small defects such as a broken zipper, or were simply overstock from the previous season, but Yeon recombines the discarded products to form a wholly new silhouette. We particularly like the high-backed throne; call me queen of the tundra.

padded east chair padded east chair2 padded bench padded bench3 padded king chair4 padded sofa3 padded chair series