Meet Ami Ami, the Boxed Wine Whose Packaging Channels 1920s Italian Futurism

If you came of age, like I did, in the ’80s or ’90s, boxed wine probably means one thing — and one thing only — to you. But while in the past few years there’s been something of an arms race to see who can make the best boxed wine — and turn that ubiquitous Franzia into nothing but a memory — there’s only one new contender that tastes delicious and has the kind of loose, contemporary, slightly kooky vibe that we’d actually want to display on our counters or in the fridge when guests come over: Ami Ami, a new, DTC, minimal-intervention boxed wine whose playful packaging and super-memorable logotype (the dots in the I’s and the negative space in the A’s are meant to resemble wine glasses) were both designed by the LA- and Montreal-based studio Wedge. (They’re also responsible for the packaging of another recent Gen-Z-beloved slam-dunk product, Vacation sunscreen).

Ami Ami was founded by Healdsburg, California–based friends Woody Hambrecht and Ross Dawkins. Hambrecht, a third-generation winemaker, co-founded Haus aperitif in 2019 while Dawkins holds a degree in winemaking from Stellenbosch University in his native South Africa. The wines, a vin rouge and vin blanc made entirely with grapes from the south of France, come in half-sized boxes that hold the equivalent of two wine bottles per box and stay fresh for six weeks after opening — a major convenience if you live alone, only drink at home once a week or so, or just need to add a dash of white to deglaze a pan.

But the star here is the packaging, which wears its influences on its sleeve, inspired as it was by the 1920s-era Italian futurist painter Fortunato Depero, who designed the iconic Campari ads as well as the bottle for the first single-serve cocktail ever made, the cone-like Campari soda. Wedge deploys Depero’s signature paper cut style throughout: in the illustrated characters, the stacked cup forms, and the blocky bold typeface itself. Much of the new push towards boxed wine has been fueled by the climate crisis; Ami Ami not only has a 50% reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional glass wine bottle but it’s also fully recyclable. When spent, simply remove the BPA-free plastic liner and recycle the cardboard separately. (If you attended our Design Week party you might have seen someone in the background breaking down the boxes on site!) Click here to buy, and use the code UNSEEN20 for 20 percent off your first purchase!